The school’s sporting activities consist of outdoor games : kho-kho, Kabbadi, Cricket, football, athletics, basketball, archery, riffle shooting ,gymnastic, mallkhamb indoor games: Table tennis,chess, carom,Rope Mallkhamb etc

Games are considered to be an integral part of the school curriculum and every opportunity is given to the boys and girls to take an active part in games, as games develop character.

Competitions are held Inter-House and Inter-School Level.

Our School participated in DSO Competition which was held in August -September. Team games & individual level games were included – viz,Kabaddi,Kho-Kho, 100 meters & 400 meters Relay,Long jump,Chess,Yogason even Tykondo.


All the students are divided into 4 houses. This inculcates a team spirit in the children. The four houses are: –

  1. Green:- Courage Is Destiny I Strive Therefore I Achieve.
  2. Yellow :-Practice Makes Perfect. Swift As Can Be To Achieve Victory.
  3. Blue:- We Live and Learn.Let Splendour and Majesty Prevail.
  4. Red :-Bear and Forebear, Simplicity Achieves Great Heights.

The various games played are organized as Inter-House and Inter-School activities.

The various sporting activities in which the students participate in are: – Basketball, Football, Cricket, Chess, and Marathon..


“Music is the universal language that each and everyone understands”

The day starts with the chiming of beautiful verses in “Praise of the Lord”. Students who are interested in Indian Music are given an opportunity to present an item on the school Annual Day

Students get opportunity to take part in interschool competitions. Music includes Songs, Chanting & Dance. The School students are getting opportunity to have regular classical Dance (Kathak) classes in their normal School hours.


  1. Students are not allowed to keep any borrowed book from the school library for more than 4 days without permission. else a fine of 5rs /- per day will be collected from such students.
  2. If a book is lost or damaged the students will have to make good either the loss or damage.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to write anything or any remarks in the book or underline any words. If any such things are noticed in the book before borrowing it, they should be shown to librarian.
  4. No exchange of books among the students themselves be allowed.
  5. All library books should be neatly and carefully handled.