Kindergarten - Class II

The early years follow a thematic curriculum focusing on peer learning where young students learn the basic skills of reading and recognizing. They benefit from group activities and work in tandem with their peers. Cultural and cognitive adaptability is facilitated by interaction among students from different milieus, which helps them understand diverse cultures better.


Classes III to V comprise of primary schooling. The teaching pedagogy of the primary years focuses on developing the intellectual capabilities of students to the fullest. It strives to cultivate an aptitude for reasoning and exploration, integration of various subjects is an accepted concept that we abide by.


The secondary schooling phase extends from classes VI to X. One of the most important functions of secondary schooling is enabling students to develop and master their areas of interest and to harness their talents in a constructive fashion. The emphasis is on logical and categorical thinking. Exploiting the infrastructural advantages such as libraries, computer and laboratories play a huge role in this stage of development.

We ensure access to all that they require to complete projects, conduct experiments and study concepts. They also get lessons in Work experience, Art Education, Performing Arts, Physical and Health Education.