Educational Activities

Examination Schedule

Prize Day & Annual Concert

The Prize Day is a much-awaited annual event where the school boys and parents look forward to the awards for their hard work. Apart from the Scholastic achievements the school also caters to much deserved progress prizes, awarded to boys and girls who show considerable improvement in academics.

The Prize Day ceremony is presided over by a renowned figure from Pune and is followed by the annual concert. An opportunity is given to a maximum number of boys and girls to show their talent on stage. Acting, dancing and music form an integral part of this event. The students and teachers do the school proud by their hard work and this yearly feature is worth watching. It involves plenty of hard work, perseverance and innovation.

Religious Observance

The School follows a secular pattern. It makes no discrimination on the basis of caste or creed.

Other Important School Functions

☛  Investiture Ceremony

☛  Founder’s Day (Foundation Day of School and Association’s)

☛  Special Assembly

☛  Rakshabandhan

☛  Gurupornima

☛  Independence Day

☛  Teachers Day

☛  Eco friendly Ganpati making

☛  Navratri celebration

☛  Diwali Party

☛  Children Day

☛  Sports Days Athletics And PT Display

☛  Christmas

☛  Annual Day

☛  Republic Day

☛  Environment Day

☛  Art ,Craft and Science Exhibition

☛  Birth anniversaries and death anniversaries of great Indian leaders

☛  Education Day

☛  Memorable week of Late Mr.B.R.Gholap and Late Mr. Mamasaheb Mohol


  1. Cleanliness Pledge recited by students every day.
  2. Teaching students about an Environment and sustainability literacy.
  3. Protecting student and teacher health includes ensuring a clean and healthy indoor environment in the school as well as providing programs and service for good nutrition and physical activity.
  4. Tracking report :-
    • All the non-teaching staff and student’s council members take care that there won’t be the dirtiness in the school.
    • To keep school surrounding clean and neat cleanliness duties are given to students.
    • Few agreements were set up for cleanliness which were made by students and followed by them.
  5. Nature day celebration :-
    • Nature related Poster and Slogan writing.
    • Nature Rally.
    • Skit on Past, Present and Future of Earth.
  6. Skit on Global Warming performed by class 7 students by showing the cause of different kind of pollution.
  7. Street Play on Say no to use of polybags for all students and staff. Students have made cloth bags and distribute to public for creating awareness.
  8. Cloth Bag Making activity done by students. – As a part of creating awareness and promoting use of clothes bags, our school has organized cloth bag making workshop in school.
  9. Street play at Reliance Mart by students to create awareness for public for not using plastic bags.
  10. Eco Friendly Ganesh Making activity :- We have conducted a work shop on Ganesha making with shadoo mud and made our students aware of What is eco-friendly?
  11. Special Assembly on Sense Organs.
  12. Special Assembly on Healthy and wise :- The assembly was conducted with the skit performed by students. The main aim of assembly was to bring out an awareness amongst the students about benefits of some basic healthy habits that can be included in the daily routine.
  13. School walk through and Class walk through reports by our respected Principal.


Television and media help the students and teachers to acquire about updates all over the world and subject knowledge. For this, the school has a television set for watching movies and special programs for kids on Saturday.


What are the advantages of computers for young children?

Computers help children to be in control of their skills, to set their own pace, and challenge.

Computers help children to use for information, concentrations, creating and to develop their skills in technology.